2006 Mathematics Game

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This Web page is intended to record solutions submitted by students in grades three through twelve. Submissions will be posted starting February 1, 2006.

Rules: use the digits in the year 2006 and the operations of +, -, x, ÷, sqrt (square root), ^ (raise to a power), and ! (factorial), along with grouping symbols, to write expressions for the counting numbers 1 through 100. Please read and follow the rules carefully.

Teachers may print out worksheets for students to record their findings, or print sheets of manipulatives for students to use.


Solution Name Grade School
(6-0!-0!)^2 Mackenzie Alameda 7 Mount Olive Middle School
(6+0!+0!)*2 Russell Beaty 9 Brookstone School
(6+2)*(0!+0!) Julius Behrens 6 The International school of Toulouse
(6+2)(0!+0!) Sean Bernard 7 Mount Olive Middle School
(6+0!+0!)*2 Julia Cagney 9 Macopin High School
(6+0!+0!)*2 Kelly Cain 11 Foothill High School, Redding, CA
Rom Carmel 6 shelanu, Israel
(2+6)*(0!+0!) Christina Chen 5 Underwood School
2(6+0!+0!) Jim Conley 9 West Milford High School
(6+2)X(0!+0!) Nicole Dieterich 9 West Milford Township High School
(6+2)*(0!+0!) Christina Evans 8 The International School of Toulouse
(6+0!+0!)x2 Carter Galbraith 9 Brookstone School
(6+0!+0!)*2 Jonathan Heath 7 Rohrer Middle School
(6+0!+0!)x2 Katie Henkel 9 West Milford High School
(6+2)x(0!+0!) Lim Kah Hong 10 Hwachong Institution
2x(6+0!+0!) Ariel Johnson 6 Floyd Middle Magnet School
(6+2)(0!+0!) Samantha Keastead 7 MOMS
(6+0!+0!)x2 Megan Kelley 7 Mount Olive Middle School
(6+0!+0!)x2 Chantal McStay 7 Mount Olive Middle School
(6+0!+0!)x2 Ng Ming 7 Hwa Chong Institution
2^(6-0!-0!) Nelson Ong 8 Hwa Chong Institution
(6+0!+0!)X2 Kenji Ong Shao Qiang 7 Hwa Chong Institution
(6+2)x(0!+0!) Scott Rakes 7 Central Middle School
(6+2)*(0!+0!) Bella Rao 5 Underwood School
(6+0!+0!)*2 Lucy Reed 6 International School Of Toulouse
(6+2)*(0!+0!) Brent Struble 9 West Milford High School
2x(6+0!+0!) Sarah Townsend 9 West Milford High School
(6+2)x(0!+0!) Diva Wilson 11 Papillion-LaVista High School
(6+0!+0!)x2 Mary Bailey Wickham 9 Brookstone
sqrt(2^6)*(0!+0!) Heather 7 Horace Mann Middle School
2^( 6-0!-0!) Jimmy 11 LSMSA
(6-0! -0!) ^2 Nicole 7 Mt.Olive Middle School
(6+0!+0!)x2 Jen Wagner and Sarah Ong 7 Mount Olive Middle School
(6+0!+0!)x2 Maggie and Rose 7 Mt. Olive Middle School

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