Travels with FJ

Yes, I really will update these pages someday. I know it's now 1999, and some people might consider this embarrassing, but hey, it happens, at least in my life. But here's what I wrote way back when in 1996.

These pages chronicle (or will chronicle) my trip across the country and back on my motorcycle. I left Philly on July 20th and rode to Boston, where I spent two weeks. I then rode to northern New Jersey for a day to do some work on the bike, and then headed west on August 5th. On the 10th I arrived in Seattle. I'll be heading back east sometime around the 26th.

The following pages will be a sort of daily diary, being written somewhat after the fact - I've been in Seattle for almost a week now, and will write about the ride out while adding in some pictures. I've also included a bit about the equipment I'm using and a bit about the planning that went into this (not a lot!).

The Technical Stuff - All About My Bike and Me

Initial Photo Gallery - People and Places

Annie, 15 August 1996