People I Met and Places I Went

These are just a few pictures from my trip that are waiting for the rest to be scanned and narrated (bet you can't wait). I'll also scan them at a higher resolution and put up new copies.

This is me with Charles Robinson. He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, and offered me the ideal package - home cooked meal, shower, bed, and telnet prompt! I had a wonderful time meeting his family, and also got to see my old luggage rack, which I sold him about three years ago. (I originally bought it from Chuck Rogers). We also had a really awesome storm while I was there, and all the power went out in half of St. Paul for most of the night. Very cool.

This is the bike in the badlands. When I hit that part of South Dakota it was still light out, so I decided to do the loop through there. Amazing. There are other places that look a little bit like this in the world, but not many that are so completely different from anythng else for 500 miles. I heartily recommend doing the loop if you are ever in the neighborhood.

This is me with Lee. He lives in Denver, but invited me to camp with him and his buddies at Sturgis. Excellent idea! Lee was the perfect host, and I spent a wonderful day wandering around Sturgis with him and talking about everything you could imagine. Definitely a higlight of the trip, and I certainly hope I get to ride again with him someday.

A picture of the tent I used, with my powerbook running inside. Yes, I carried a powerbook with me. Can't imagine going too far from home without it. And while I do have a cord which allows me to charge it off a 12V accessory plug, I don't yet have the converter to plug my PCMCIA modem into my cell phone (yes, I carry one of those too), so I'm not truly mobile.

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Annie Fetter, 20 August 1996