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Problems of the Week

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The Math Forum's Problems of the Week (PoWs) provide creative, non-routine challenges for students in grades three through high school geometry and algebra. Problem solving and mathematical communication are key elements of every problem. PoWs can enrich your regular math curriculum as well as help you meet the needs of your most capable math students.

Four Services currently available:

  • Math Fundamentals (FunPoW) — grades 3 to 5
  • Prealgebra (Prevail) — middle grades
  • Algebra (AlgPoW) — algebra I
  • Geometry (GeoPoW) — high school geometry


  • We post 20 problems each year in each service. A link to the year’s calendar is available from each problem page.
  • Problems are available for preview Thursday before going live.
  • Problems go “live” Monday morning.
  • Problems are open for first submissions for two weeks.
  • Submissions may be revised through the following Thursday midnight – highly recommended!
  • Sample solutions with commentary appear Friday morning.
  • Early in following week Gold and Silver lists appear with more solutions.

Students may work alone or with a partner or team.

Teacher Support Pages and Discussion Groups support teachers and mentors.

To the extent possible submissions are scored, based on a rubric, and given feedback with suggestions for improvement. Our research demonstrates the value of revision!

Occasionally preservice teachers provide mentoring as they learn how to develop children’s problem solving skills (indicated by * next to the problem in calendar). Mentors may also include Math Forum staff and trained volunteers.

Guaranteed mentoring by Math Forum staff is available on a fee basis.

The Math Forum FunPoW Scoring Rubric in kid-friendly language:

  • Download in pdf format.
  • View in gif format.

Benefits of using Problem of the Week as a regular part of your math program (opens in a new window)

Suggestions for using PoWs with your students (opens in a new window)

Claire's help for PoW users (opens in a new window)

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