Where the Sidewalk Ends
and the Technology Begins

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"How can I fit one more thing into my day? My plate is already full."

Technology is the Plate!

Technology supports learning when it is used —  

— to collect and access information (research)

  • www
  • digital photography/video
  • probes and sensors

— to analyze data

  • spreadsheet
  • calculators
  • dynamic software [TinkerPlots, Key curriculum Press]

— to solve problems and construct learning


— to present/share results of learning

  • word processing
  • web pages
  • multimedia/presentation applications [HyperStudio/PowerPoint/Keynote/Kid Pix]
  • concept mapping, math representation [Inspiration]

— to organize/plan

  • concept mapping [Inspiration]

Examples of Integration | Planning for Effective Technology Integration (in new window)


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