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Why integrate curriculum?

  • It engages kids.
  • It’s how the real world works. Life does not present situations in tidy single-discipline contexts.
  • There are not enough hours in the day to do it any other way.

Why integrate math and children's literature?

  • Good stories or poems capture a child's imagination, spark curiosity, and draw children into a topic. They make the content relevant to children and builds positive attitude.
  • Literature provides a meaningful context in which students can construct understanding of mathematical ideas.
  • Trade books are far more engaging than text books.
  • Artistic quality adds appeal, especially for visually talented students.
  • Literary quality encourages communication.
  • Development of reading comprehension skills serve, and is served by, learning goals in all curriculum areas.
  • Biographies help to humanize the content, give it context, connect it with other subjects.

Integration Strategies


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