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Make a Snowflake with Geometer's Sketchpad

Downloads: SnowflakeA SnowflakeB

Note: points and guidelines will be hidden at the end.

1. Draw a vertical line AB. Mark it as mirror (Transform menu).

2. Draw a point C on the line. Mark it as center.

3. (optional) Draw circle CA.

4. Draw segment CA. Rotate 30degrees.

5. Use segment tool to make ice crystal branching. Display some or all as thick.

6. Use segment tool to enclose half polygons along AC. Construct the interiors and Display: color: other: icy blue or your choice.

7. Drag select all segments and de-select AC and CD and points C and A.

8. Reflect.

9. Select all segments and de-select the items in step 7.

10. Rotate 60 degrees five times.

11. Decide which parts of radius AC need to be in final display. Draw those segments and hide AC, or keep AC.

Pretty up:

12. In Preferences (Apply to This Sketch), choose colors for segments (white, gray or icy blue). Choose background black or dark blue.

13. With point tool, select all, de-select A and C, and hide the rest.

14. Select line AB, segment CD and circle and hide.

15. Points A and C can be dragged for a kaleidoscope effect.

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