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When your account was created your username and password were emailed to you. You'll need them to enter the Teacher office.

  • Both are case sensitive.
  • Your password is changeable.

This is different than the usernames and passwords that your students will use to access the problems.

Note: These two kinds of logins allow different levels of access. If you are logged in as teacher, be sure to "Quit" your browser before having students use the service. Simply closing the window doesn't log you out. Re-launch the browser to have students log in with their own userIDs and passwords. Likewise, if a student has been logged in, you'll need to Quit and re-launch the browser in order to login with your teacher ID or have another student log in.

To visit the Teacher Office:

  1. Go to the Math Forum home page.
  2. Click on Problems of the Week.
  3. Access the Current Problem of the Week by clicking on Problem (members only) in the chosen service (FunPoW, PrealgPoW, AlgPoW, GeoPoW).
  4. Click on Teacher Office from the navigation menu on the left and type in your username and password.

What you can do in the Teacher Office:

  1. Change your password.
  2. Find problems from either the Current Problem of the Week or the Problems Library.
  3. View your students' work and any replies that have been sent to them.
  4. Read or participate in the funpow-teachers Discussion Group.
  5. Mentor your own students. Note: If you want to respond to your students' work, be sure that the option under Mentoring My Students is turned on to have them automatically assigned to you. You can only respond to work that is submitted after this option is active. (If you want to mentor students who submitted before turning this feature on, email us, and we can assign them to you manually.)


Introduction Menu

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