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  1. Go to the Math Forum home page: http://mathforum.org/.
  2. Click on Problems of the Week.
To access the Current Problems of the Week: To access the Problems Library:

Click on Problem (members only) in the chosen service.

  • We post 20 problems each year in each service. A link to the year’s calendar is available from each problem page.
  • New problems are available for submission every other Monday morning.
  • Problems and their Support pages are available for preview on the Thursday before going "live".
  • Problems are open for first submissions for two weeks, closing Sunday at midnight.
  • After that submissions may be revised through the following Thursday midnight.
  • Sample Solutions with commentary appear the next morning.
  • Early in the following week Gold and Silver lists usually appear with highlighted solutions.
  • Current PoWs are eligible for mentoring by volunteers and mentor groups through The Math Forum.

Click on Problem of the Week Library below the current problems.

The Problems Library has hundreds of challenging, constructed response problems, which are categorized by course and topic for easy browsing and searching.

As you browse the Problems Library and use the ...more >> links, you may see additional links to: Support and Solution.

Each problem has a number which you can note and have students use when they go to the website.

Your license allows you to print out any problem and distribute it to your class at any time during the membership term.

Write Math with the Math Forum (subscription add-on) is a flexible tool that helps you locate grade-specific problems in our Library that have been aligned to state standards and to most popular published curricula.

Library problems do not get mentored, unless by the teacher.

Support: a teacher resource page containing

  • key topics and concepts addressed in the problem
  • links to other related problems in the Problems Library
  • links to related content in the Ask Dr. Math archives
  • links to Math Tools which can help with the problem
  • links to related discussions in the Teacher2Teacher Archives
  • alignment to the NCTM Standards

Solutions: a copy of the problem followed by Comments summarizing the key elements of the problem and the approaches used by solvers, as well as highlighted solutions from students.

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