Developing Probability and Data Analysis Concepts
with Technology

NCTM ~ Salt Lake City, UT ~ 11 April 2008

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Solving Chance and Data Problems with Technology

Problems Interactive Tools Spreadsheet

Empty the Bowl pdf (Marilyn Burns)
Teacher Notes pdf


2-Dice Sums Game (Marilyn Burns)

NCES Kids' Zone: Chances

A Dicey Situation pdf (solutions)

NCES Kids' Zone: Chances

Flipping Coins pdf (solutions)


Homework-Free Fridays pdf (solutions)


Popcorn Problem (Marilyn Burns)

NLVM: Box Model
  BBC Maths File: Fish Tank
  NLVM: Spinners


Shodor: Adjustable Spinner


Data Analysis & Probability (Grades 3 - 5)
Data Analysis & Probability (Grades 6 - 8)
  James Dildine: Web Dice

Penny Dates pdf (solutions)


The Math of the Irish pdf (solutions)

  BBC Maths File: Train Race
  BBC Maths File: Data Picking
Ideas for Data Gathering Projects  

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