~ July 2005 ~

Integrating Across the Curriculum – Math, Science, Literature and Technology

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The Math Forum @ Drexel

Why use electronic Math Tools?

  • They help bridge the connections among different modes of representation - concrete/pictorial/symbolic.
  • There is an unlimited supply.
  • They are easy to distribute and manage.
  • You can often make quick changes among materials/representations.
  • Only a web browser and Internet are required – no installation, CDs, compatibility issues!
  • Students may find them to be more engaging that traditional materials.
  • Printed versions of student work can be sent home for parents and/or included in portfolios.
  • They are accessible anytime/anywhere (home, library) – equity of access.
  • They often can be manipulated even more flexibly than concrete objects.

Math Tools page at The Math Forum

Math Tools to Support Investigations

Use this Math Tool template (.doc) to suggest Math Tools to support Investigations.

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