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The Math Forum @ Drexel University

Problems of the Week

Online Mentoring Project – for teacher educators or professional development coordinators

MathTools (Free)

tPoWs (Free)

Professional Development Opportunities (Some free)

Numeracy Hour at Ambleside Primary School (UK)

From the BBC:

The Maths File Game Show

Number Time Games

Starship Maths

4 to 11 years Numeracy

King's List of On-line Math Activities: an organized archive of math resources on the Internet.

A Maths Dictionary for Kids by Jenny Eather

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives


Key Curriculum Press publisher of Geometer's Sketchpad, Fathom, TinkerPlots

Inspiration publisher of Inspiration, InspireData

Sources of good problems:

Ask Dr. Math at The Math Forum: puzzles and problems sent in, with replies; click on the grade level, then "Puzzles" or "Word Problems"

Other Problems and Puzzles from The Math Forum's Problems of the Week page

Solve This!: a ThinkQuest project developed by three fifth grade students in Bradford, VT

St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia: problems for grades 5 through 12, organized by grade

WASL sample problems, Port Angeles, WA: organized by grade and strand, K through high school

NRICH: mathematics problems, games and articles from the UK, excellent use of technology

NZMaths: Problem Solving : problems and accompanying lessons from New Zealand, organized by level and strand


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