How to Live a Long Time
The combination of healthy living and modern medicine offers the promise of extending our healthy years to those of us with a bit of knowledge, self-discipline, and financial means.

This isn’t about hanging on longer once we’re in an advanced stage of decline; on the contrary, the program I suggest here has the promise of making our lives healthier and more active in the present, while delaying the onset of disabilities and diseases of old age.


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Rule Number One: 
The royal road

Benjamin Franklin"To lengthen thy life,
lessen thy meals."

—Ben Franklin

In animal studies, the relationship between life expectancy and calories consumed is simple and powerful: The less they eat, the longer they live. More…

  Green tea
  Cruciferous vegetables
  Tree fungus

Continued, with details…

Some studies suggest there is an ideal weight, perhaps even a relatively high BMI of 25-30. There are good reasons not to believe this.  I say maintain a weight as low as you can tolerate. Here’s why…

Psycho-social factors

 Strong family ties.
 Active, engaged, and self-directed living.
 Lifelong learning.
 Medium level of stress—challenging but not hectic.
   ·  Chronic stress is clearly to be avoided.
   ·  Some forms of intermittent stress might actually be pro-longevity.

Perhaps you worry that the world will have too many old people and not enough young people to support them.  On the contrary, it is the healthy, productive years that will be extended.  People will retire later, and the ratio of work force to retirees should improve. Read more…

Aubrey de GreyBruce Ames
Elizabeth Blackburn
Aubrey de Grey
Leonard Guarente
Cynthia Kenyon
David Sinclair
Vladimir Skulachev
Roy Walford
Richard Weindruch

In the spring of 2004, our community lost Roy Walford, who did more than anyone else to research the effects of caloric restriction in humans, and to promote the idea as a viable life choice. Read more…

  Resveratrol—thought to be the ingredient in red wine that protects against heart disease. See article

  Fish Oil


  HGH—may make you feel younger while shortening life. Decreases body fat, but increases insulin resistance.
  CLA (Conjugated linolaic acid)
  Ginkgo biloba - some evidence it may improve brain performance.


Some drugs have shown life extension effects in mammals, but they have side-effects and I have been too conservative to take them so far. Examples…

fruitMany people try to live healthy lives by avoiding man-made products and chemicals. Organic foods are a favorite. I'm all for it! But this is not a longevity program.

Here's why…

1. Oxidationmitochondria
2. Insulin
3. Glycation
4. Inflammation
5. Apoptosis
6. Telomeres
7. De-methylation


For fifty years now, the medical establishment has recommended a low-fat diet.  Many researchers now realize this was all wrong. I’m with the low-carb school. Here’s why…

scaleThe best diet is the one that works for you, and that you can live with. More…

Skin care

 Avoid the sun
  Use skin creams containing
    Alpha Hydroxy acid
  Prescription Retin-A

Eye care

 Avoid the sun
 Wear sunglasses
 Regular exams for glaucoma and macular degeneration
 Dietary supplements: lutein and zeaxanthin for macular degeneration

Aerobic exercise not only increases life expectancy but decreases risk of heart disease and cancer.
Read more…



Studies have shown that people who sleep 6–7 hours per night live longer than those who sleep more or less than this.


It is a common misconception that our bodies “wear out” with age. Read more…

Getting the theory wrong has consequences! Many people waste effort trying to avoid tiny quantities of toxins that might actually be good for us.
Read about hormesis

The mind has a powerful effect on every aspect of health. Yoga trains you to be sensitive to what's going on in your body, and to gain control over it. Meditation helps focus the mind and sharpen the intent. Both disciplines can be engaged in the service of life extension. Read more…

Queen bees live much longer than genetically identical workers. Alpha wolves live longer than the rest of the pack. Read more…

Raising children helps you live a long time. For women, bearing a child late in life can offer a powerful benefit for longevity. Continued…

1. Quality of life and length of life can go hand-in-hand.
2. Science is magnifying your results.
3. Don’t worry overmuch about toxins.
Read more…



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