The Poet and the Philosopher

The eye perceives, the heart grants not, and thus the mind declines to see
The pocks that mar a vision otherwise as perfect as a scene can be.
What loss, if then an ideal reigns and loveliness suffuse a soul?

Just this: that truth constitutes the basis for all common understanding, and authenticity is prerequisite to deep contact between sentient beings, without which no love can endure.

What mortal man with eyes unglazed would deign adopt a lover’s role?
And not just love – were’t not for romance, would man strive toward any goal?
There is no object world on which, our eyes once clear, we’d all agree!

And yet we must strive to purify our vision, using observation and introspection to separate subject from object, if ever we wish to establish a basis for harmonious co-existence, let alone intimate communion.

A heart to heart directly speaks without the need for word nor act.
Poetic truth can stand apart from logic or noetic fact.
’Tis matter keeps our bodies fed, and science measures history,
But art illumines – nay defines – our place in nature’s mystery.

~ Josh Mitteldorf, 11/05