Foreword to Josh's 1987 Astrophysics Thesis

O Thou who in researches hollow stumblest on this mildewed tome,
Hear herewith with no apologies the author's rambling poem.

Know 'twas not for love of truth that I this project undertook,
Nor for worldly gain, Forsooth! thrice set to task and twice forsook,

But I, like some besotted wino, to my silicon enslaved,
Daily trod, for all that I know, paths with good intentions paved.

Daily lowered head and buried in aforesaid silicon,
While the world about its merry axis spun, and friends looked on.

Ten and seven this obsession pilferred of my guileless years -
Years of wonder and depression, joy, discovery, and tears.

But my youth I won't begrudge this thesis if I can but claim
I've learned this lesson from the drudge:  I'll waste no love on academe.