Introduction to Vectors

A Modest Experiment

This is a modest experiment in the pedagogical possibilities of some modern technology: The sketches and pictures are intended as supplementary material to help students in their first encounter with vectors. I'm aiming for visceral understanding rather than a rigorous logical presentation, and this may lead me into troubles, e.g. chasing imaginary problems when clear simplicity would cut through better. Let me know! If I get ambitious, I may make a page on Lines, Children of Vectors.

What you need

Explorations are conducted with an interactive program, The Geometer's Sketchpad version 3. Earlier versions of Sketchpad won't work, but you can
download a demo that will do the trick. (If you don't know where your browser puts downloads, search your computer for "GSP"). You also have to set your Web browser to use Sketchpad as a helper application. See my pages on using Sketchpad if you have questions about how to navigate through the sketches.


The following people provided very useful ideas, but lack of success isn't their fault:
Jeremy Dilatush, Ethan Magnus, Naisha Miller, Helene Shapiro, Don Shimamoto, Ken Williams.

All this can be freely used in any context which is free to users, provided proper attribution is made.

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22 May 2000