Graphing Linear Equations, page 3

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View Graph

Step Nine

Ask students questions using:
  • x-axis
  • y-axis
  • origin
  • y-intercept
  • x-intercept
  • points that fall on the line
  • rise over run (if they are ready)
  • slope (if they are ready)


Step Ten

Tap the stylus on the line
    Cross hairs appear
    The values of the x and y coordinates will display on the screen.
    Two arrows appear at the bottom of the display.
    Use the arrows to move along the line in either direction.


Step Eleven

Talk about the scale that works best to view this line.
    What scale makes the line disappear?
    What scale makes it easiest to name the x-intercept?
    What scale makes it easiest to name the y-intercept?


Let's try changing the equation and see how that effects the graph.
Go to: change slope and y-intercept.

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