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Change Slope and Y-intercept

Step Twelve

If students have experience with y = mx + b you can specifically talk about changing the slope and the y-intercept and how this changes the line.

Students without this experience can explore what happens but not use the specific vocabularly.

There are several ways to change the equation of the line that is displayed. One way is to change the equation that you entered first from y=x+2 to one of the examples.

Tap the equation - enter a different equation. Here are some possibilities:

  • y = 2x + 2
  • y = 2x + 5
  • y = x + 10
  • y = x - 2
  • y = 5x - 1



Step Thirteen

Another way is to add more equations using these directions.

  • Tap the inverted triangle or the 1:
  • Use New to add more equations.
  • Note: If you tap the red square a color palette will appear and you can select other colors.



Step Fourteen

If you have added several new equations, you can choose between them by tapping the inverted triangle or the 1 and selecting each in turn to view.



Let's look at a table of the x and y values that satisfy the equation.
Go to: view the data table.

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