for Team 7-2 students

Wild Animal Park Field Trip

These links are provided for students to gather information while working on activites related to the San Diego Animal Park field trip that Team 7-2 will be taking on Friday, April, 17.

Zoos and Animal Parks:
Animal Park Internet Links
Belize Zoo
Louisville Zoo
San Diego Wild Animal Park
San Diego Wild Animal Park Animals
Sedgwick County Zoo
Sedgwick County Zoo Animals
Toronto Zoo
Zoological Society of San Diego
Zoological Society of San Diego, 2
Threatened and Endangered Species and Habitats:
Defenders of Wildlife
Endangered Animals of the World
Endangered Species Pictures
Endangered and Threatened Species List
Environmental Impact on Endangered Animals
Hotlist on Endangered Animals
National Wildlife Federation
Rare and Endangered Species Internet Access List
Threatened & Endangered Animals
World Wildlife Federation Encyclopedia
National Geographic Resources:
Amazing Facts
Cyber Tiger
Geography Bee
Information Encyclopedia
Map Machine
National Geographic for Kids
Rain Forests:
Adventures to the Amazon Rain Forest
Toucan Sam - What Is A Rain Forest
Miscellaneous Animals:
Animal Study Web
Animal Study Web
African Animals
African Animals 2
Discovery Channel-Ultimate Guide: Animals

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