Current Problems of the Week


Making Cookies - April 18

cookie How many cookies were broken in half?

Preview: Recycling


Field Trip - April 25

glassesHow many students went on the field trip after twelve of them couldn't go?

Latest Solution: The Bouncing Ball

Math Fundamentals

Birds in Trees - April 25


How many trees are in the courtyard?

Latest Solution: Lawn-Mowing Chore


Save the Lake! - April 18

How far does the water level of the lake drop?

Latest Solution: Flying High
Preview: As Far as the Eye Can See


Accounting for Age - April 18

Explain why the result is always the original number followed by your age.

Latest Solution: Kaytee's Contest
Preview: Divisible by a Dozen

Trig & Calculus

Around the Corner - April 25

skyscraperCan you figure out how to get the girder around the corner?

Latest Solution: Fishing on the Bay

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