Current Problems of the Week


Playing Cards - August 31

How many cards am I holding?


Operation Warm Up - August 24

ordered pair, diamond, circle Find all possible ordered pairs that are solutions to four given equations.

Latest Solution: Many or Money?
Preview: Filling Glasses

Math Fundamentals

Sharing Birthdays - August 24

cake How old will Alana be when her mother is three times Alana's age?

Latest Solution: Cupcakes, Cupcakes!
Preview: Chime Time


Congruent Rectangles Help - August 31

five rectangles that form one larger rectangle

Find possible areas for the given rectangle.

Latest Solution: Integer Triangle Angles


Cork Costs - August 31

pieces of cork displayed on a grid Find reasonable prices for the different sizes of cork.

Latest Solution: At Least a Mile

Trig & Calculus

Building Boxes - August 24

rectangleHow do you make the largest box possible from a sheet of paper?

Latest Solution: Basketball Angles
Preview: Goose Bay Mountain

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