Current Problems of the Week


Ice Cream Sandwiches - April 7

How many cookies does Ariana need to make enough treats for her friends?

Preview: Picking Flowers


Marathon Mitch - April 14

runner Determine Mitch's normal running speed given information about his performance in a race.

Latest Solution: Fraction Action!

Math Fundamentals

Monmouth Mountain Bikes - April 14

How many bikes have both the gears and brakes checked?

Latest Solution: Filling the Freezer


Precision Paper Folding - April 7

folded paper

Find the angle formed when a piece of paper is folded in a particular way.

Latest Solution: Triangle Transformation
Preview: A Carpenter's Trisection


Paving Stones - April 7

How many stones did Kathy need to buy to pave an area in her yard?

Latest Solution: Anjelica's Very Odd Magic Sweater
Preview: Lemonade Fun

Trig & Calculus

Squares Inside Squares - April 14


What would happen if the pattern repeated forever?

Latest Solution: Ellipse Areas

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