Current Problems of the Week


Getting Allowance - December 4

What coins did Mother give to Rana and Ali?


Heating the Tub - December 11

hot tub

Water in a hot tub is heated. Given several times and the temperature at those times, find an equation that models the heating process.

Latest Solution: Dinner at Pepe's

Math Fundamentals

Four Playful Mathematicians - December 11

Follow the clues to help the four playful mathematicians return the lost watch.

Latest Solution: Trapezoid Teatime


Similar Perimeter - December 4

Find the coordinates of the vertices of a triangle similar to the given triangle with the designated perimeter.

Latest Solution: Dendrochronology


Eight Squares on a Table - December 4

Find the number written on the first sheet laid on the table and identify which of the eight sheets it was.

Latest Solution: A Cranberry Craving

Trig & Calculus

Pie Puzzler - December 11

pie sliceWhere should a pie wedge be cut to divide it into two pieces having the same area?

Latest Solution: George's Gutters

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