Current Problems of the Week


Charlie's Gumballs - August 3

gum balls

How many gumballs did Charlie have before he shared them with his friends?


The Box Supper - July 27

man holding box with boxHow much did Judy Ann's "beau" bid at the box supper?

Latest Solution: Two for Two More

Math Fundamentals

Frog Farming - July 27

frog Help Farmer Mead build a rectangular pen to hold her frogs.

Latest Solution: Jumping Rope


Two Rectangles - August 3

Given the area of one rectangle, find the area of another.

Latest Solution: Snail's Trail


Measuring Melons - August 3

scaleHow much does each type of fruit weigh?

Latest Solution: Sizing Up Sequoias

Trig & Calculus

Cooling Colas - July 27

can of colaHow long until the soda is cool enough to be deliciously refreshing?

Latest Solution: The General Box Company

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