Current Problems of the Week


Lunch Line - February 16

lunch Use a pattern to find out if the seventh person in line would be a boy or a girl.

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Johnny's Orchards - February 23

apple tree

Johnny planted seeds on three rectangular farms. How many seeds did he plant in all?

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Math Fundamentals

Cupcakes, Cupcakes! - February 23

cupcakes Will the cupcakes be iced in time?

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Square in a Right Triangle - February 16

square in right triangle

Find the area of the square inscribed in a particular right triangle.

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A Pound of Valentine's Chocolates - February 16

box of chocolates How long should a pound box of chocolates last if Isolde eats it alone?

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Trig & Calculus

Adventure Airlines - February 23

cockpitHow far from the airport does the plane need to begin its descent?

Latest Solution: The Growing Snowflake

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