Current Problems of the Week


Catching Minnows - September 22

How many minnows will Anna catch if she continues a pattern?

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Baffling Brother - September 29

Use a variable and algebra to explain how a number trick works.

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Math Fundamentals

Campfire Camaraderie - September 29


How did the animals place themselves around the campfire?

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Pentagon Puzzle - September 22

regular pentagon

Explore the interior angles of pentagons.

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Preview: Eminen


Women's Walkway - September 22

fourHow many bricks would it take to cover the full area?

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Trig & Calculus

Up, Up, and Away (Part I) - September 29

desertA few weeks ago I discovered a balloon in a tree in my back yard in Essex Junction, Vermont. Attached to the balloon was a postcard that said the balloon had traveled from Honolulu, Hawaii.

Latest Solution: Find the Function

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