Current Problems of the Week


Fourth of July - May 25

fireworks How many hot dogs and hot dog buns does Mom need to buy?


The Great Northern Triathlon - May 18


Sven skis, skates, and snowshoes in the winter triathlon.

Latest Solution: Cheap Sunglasses

Math Fundamentals

Cat Walk - May 18

cat and dog How far did the cat walk?

Latest Solution: Count the Discount


Arc to Area - May 25

arc on grid

Given the angle of an arc and its endpoints, find the area of the circle that contains the arc.

Latest Solution: Making a Map


Ducky Promenade - May 25

ducks Can you find the weight of a duckling and two ducks after reading the poem?

Latest Solution: Change Woes

Trig & Calculus

Rationals and Irrationals - May 18

calculatorThink of irrational numbers like e, √2, or π. Can irrational arithmetic ever yield rational answers?

Latest Solution: One Area - Many Solutions

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