Current Problems of the Week


Catching Minnows - September 22

How many minnows will Anna catch if she continues a pattern?


Kristina's Code - September 15

Use the four equations that Kristina wrote to figure out her two unknown numbers.

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Math Fundamentals

Birthday Trip - September 15

birthday cake

Just how far is the trip to Aunt Mazie's house?

Latest Solution: Mr. Lincoln's Line


Pentagon Puzzle - September 22

regular pentagon

Explore the interior angles of pentagons.

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Women's Walkway - September 22

fourHow many bricks would it take to cover the full area?

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Trig & Calculus

Is It a Midpoint? - September 15

cubicCan you prove that what's happening in this picture will always happen with any cubic function?

Latest Solution: Find the Function

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