Current Problems of the Week


Hannah's Cookies - March 30

cookie jar Based on the number of cookies Hannah has, how many does Jacob have?


What's the Temperature? - March 23


Play with the formulas for Fahrenheit and Celsius to learn about how they are related.

Latest Solution: Splitting a Square

Math Fundamentals

Teresa's Tiles - March 23

tile How many square tiles does Teresa need to cover her bathroom floor?

Latest Solution: Frog Farming


The Perimeter of an Octagon - March 30


What's wrong with this octagon?

Latest Solution: Extending the Enneagon


Mikey and Lily Eat Cereal - March 30

cereal boxes How much of a box of cereal do Mikey and Lily each have left?

Latest Solution: Tunnel Time

Trig & Calculus

Let Me Guess Your Number - March 23

sealCan Katie learn to read her brother's mind?

Latest Solution: The Suspension Bridge

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