Current Problems of the Week


Spin Art - March 27

paint How many more bottles of purple paint do Marcus and Lyle need?


Fraction Action! - March 20

fraction What happens when you add the denominator to both the numerator and denominator of a fraction?

Latest Solution: Triangle Possibilities

Math Fundamentals

Crossing the River with Ogres - March 20

rowboat Find out how many times the boat must cross the river to get all the gnomes and ogres to the other side.

Latest Solution: Dragons and Tigers and Hares, Oh My!


Precision Paper Folding - March 27

folded paper

Find the angle formed when a piece of paper is folded in a particular way.

Latest Solution: Trisecting a Square


Geo in Jeopardy - March 27

phone booth

Find the dimensions of the three-dimensional phone booth.

Latest Solution: Practicing for the Winter Olympics

Trig & Calculus

Ellipse Areas - March 20

ellipse Can you use calculus to justify the formula for the area of an ellipse?

Latest Solution: The Oval Braided Rug

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