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Saul's Cupcakes - February 19

cupcakes How many cupcakes will Saul put on the fifth plate?


Math Club Mystery - February 12

movie tickets

Determine how many students, teachers, and parents went on the Math Club field trip.

Latest Solution: Battle of the Bands

Math Fundamentals

Pauline the Plumber - February 12

hardware store Use the clues to find out how many widgets Pauline purchased.

Latest Solution: Nuts in a Bowl


Four Point Puzzle - February 19


What's the most specific name you can give to the quadrilateral defined by the four given points?

Latest Solution: Trisecting a Square


Shortcut Savings - February 19

city park

Find a rule to tell how much distance I will save when I take the shortcut.

Latest Solution: Anjelica's Very Odd Magic Sweater

Trig & Calculus

Adventure Airlines - February 12

cockpitHow far from the airport does the plane need to begin its descent?

Latest Solution: The Growing Snowflake

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