Current Problems of the Week


Number Fun - January 19

numbers Use clues to help Dominic solve a number riddle.


Sierpinski Stages - January 12

stage 1Find and use patterns to determine the perimeter of an interesting shape.

Latest Solution: To B or Not To B
Preview: Battle of the Bands

Math Fundamentals

Penny Dates - January 12

pennies Discover which date can change a collection's mean date by one year.

Latest Solution: How Old is Santa Claus?
Preview: Filling Beauty's Seats


So Many Similar Triangles! - January 19

rods of random length

Make pairs of similar triangles using the given supplies.

Latest Solution: How Deep Is It?


Duke is Missing - January 19

dog How long is Duke?

Latest Solution: A Happy New Year Wish

Trig & Calculus

Time to Make the Doughnuts - January 12

donutHow can calculus help you create a donut to your boss's specifications?

Latest Solution: A Rhyming Riddle
Preview: Stonybrooke River Bridge

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