Current Problems of the Week


Puppies for Sale - January 25

puppies How many puppies are there altogether?

Preview: Letter to Grandma


Pressed For Time - February 1

newspapersDue to a late breaking story, a newspaper must use both presses to get an edition printed in time.

Latest Solution: Symbol Logic

Math Fundamentals

Nuts in a Bowl - February 1

nuts Use clues to determine how many nuts are in each bowl.

Latest Solution: Assembly Seating


Measuring Cylinders - January 25

stove pipe

Help Ian measure his stove pipe and propane tank.

Latest Solution: Building a Regular Hexagon
Preview: Regional Ratios


Anjelica's Very Odd Magic Sweater - January 25

Find the shortcut Angelica's mother might have used to calculate the number of dimes.

Latest Solution: Which Coupon Is Better?
Preview: Gearing Up

Trig & Calculus

Cutting the Cookie - February 1

cookieCan you help the siblings make just one (straight) cut in their cookie so that each person gets the portion they want?

Latest Solution: Cooling Colas

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