Current Problems of the Week


Making Sandwiches - October 9

Help Ricardo and Gloria divide their task as fairly as possible.


What's the Difference? - October 16

kids studying

Gaby and Dimitri explore the difference in a difference. See what you find!

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Math Fundamentals

Apple Inventory - October 16

Laurel with trees How many apples are growing on each tree?

Latest Solution: Sports Weigh In


Square Segments - October 9


Find all of the possible combinations of lengths for the four segments that could split the square.

Latest Solution: The Folding Ruler


Apple Picking - October 9

basket Calculate the approximate cost of each apple at the pick-your-own orchard.

Latest Solution: Downloading Duel

Trig & Calculus

Up, Up, and Away (Part II) - October 16

desertCan you figure out the compass heading to fly the shortest path between two far-away points?

Latest Solution: Is It a Midpoint?

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