Current Problems of the Week


Back to School - August 25

Figure out how many packs of pencils Mr. Gonzalez needs for his class.


Calendar Calculations - September 1

calendar Use variables to explore a numeric pattern on the calendar.

Latest Solution: Field Trip

Math Fundamentals

Mr. Lincoln's Line - September 1

lunch box Find out who's wearing glasses and carrying lunch boxes in Mr. Lincoln's lunch line.

Latest Solution: The Teddy Bears' Banquet


Fitting In - August 25

square peg round hole

Which peg is a better fit?

Latest Solution: Save the Lake!


Boxes of Stationery - August 25

girl writing letter How many sheets of paper and how many envelopes were in the box of stationery?

Latest Solution: 3-D Vision

Trig & Calculus

Find the Function - September 1

booksCan you determine the function given only four clues?

Latest Solution: The Super-Ultra-Mega-Big Cup

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