Current Problems of the Week


The Eagle and the Bear - July 17

How many trout would the eagle have to catch to tie the bear?


Field Trip - July 24

glassesHow many students went on the field trip after twelve of them couldn't go?

Latest Solution: Eating Contest

Math Fundamentals

Odds vs. Evens - July 24

hardware store

Which player has the advantage in Jerome's and Kiya's spinner game?

Latest Solution: Eating Grapes


Flying High - July 17

Which of two planes is gaining altitude more quickly?

Latest Solution: Four Point Puzzle


Measuring Melons - July 17

scaleHow much does each type of fruit weigh?

Latest Solution: Cork Costs

Trig & Calculus

The Super-Ultra-Mega-Big Cup - July 24

cup How cheaply can McDerivative's produce its new 1-liter coffee cup?

Latest Solution: The World's Strongest Man Competition

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