Current Problems of the Week


Goldfish Galore - July 28

fishDivide goldfish evenly between two friends.


Pressed For Time - July 21

newspapersDue to a late breaking story, a newspaper must use both presses to get an edition printed in time.

Latest Solution: Eating Contest
Preview: Field Trip

Math Fundamentals

Horsin' Around - July 21

horse How long does it take Zachary to complete his journey?

Latest Solution: Pocket Change
Preview: The Teddy Bears' Banquet


Where's Juanita Walking? - July 28

Help Juanita figure out how many possible ways she could walk to work.

Latest Solution: Voulez Vous des Voussoirs?


Ducky Promenade - July 28


Can you find the weight of a duckling and two ducks after reading the poem?

Latest Solution: Ostrich Llama Count

Trig & Calculus

Painting the Sine Curve - July 21

paint How can you figure out how long a certain sine curve will be?

Latest Solution: The World's Strongest Man Competition
Preview: The Super-Ultra-Mega-Big Cup

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