Current Problems of the Week


The Eagle and the Bear - July 6

How many trout would the eagle have to catch to tie the bear?


Jimmy's Hits - June 29

baseball and batFigure out how many total hits Jimmy had during his record-breaking season.

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Math Fundamentals

Eating Grapes - June 29

grapes How many grapes did Angela eat on Monday?

Latest Solution: The Kickball Tournament


Snail's Trail - July 6

Snail's Trail Square How big should I make the smallest piece of my "Snail's Trail" quilt?

Latest Solution: Dendrochronology


Sizing Up Sequoias - July 6

sequoia seedCompared to a given seed weight, how much does an average mature sequoia weigh?

Latest Solution: Getting Your Kicks On Route 66

Trig & Calculus

Count Your Seinneps - June 29

CoinsFind a system of coins that uses the fewest coins possible without repeating coins.

Latest Solution: Let's Measure the Earth

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