Current Problems of the Week


Decorating Cookies - November 17

cookies What color sprinkles will Roger put on the eighth cookie he is baking?


Dinner at Pepe's - November 10

pizza and soda Three friends have pizza and sodas. How much did each one pay?

Latest Solution: Splash!
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Math Fundamentals

Pizza Dough - November 10

pizza dough tossHow much water does Mario need to use to make enough pizza dough?

Mentor Group at Work

Latest Solution: Subway Subtotals
Preview: Anthony's Famous Butter Rolls


How Many Angles? - November 17

three intersecting lines

Use what you know about parallel lines and transversals to tackle this problem.

Latest Solution: Cutting Corners


The Nutty Squirrel - November 17

acorn How high could a human jump if she could jump with the power of a squirrel?

Latest Solution: Falling Leaves

Trig & Calculus

George's Gutters - November 10

guttersCan you help George make his gutters as big as possible?

Latest Solution: Can You Prove It?
Preview: Skiing in Vermont

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