Current Problems of the Week


Ice Cream Party - August 11

ice creamHow many friends did not go to the party?


My Three Dogs - August 18

dog face Can you determine the weight of each dog using the given clues?

Latest Solution: Pressed For Time

Math Fundamentals

Football Fanfare - August 18

football cards

What are the possible seating arrangements the pep club can use for a card stunt?

Latest Solution: Horsin' Around


Save the Lake! - August 11

How far does the water level of the lake drop?

Latest Solution: Where's Juanita Walking?


3-D Vision - August 11


What shape is formed by the segments on the faces of the cube?

Latest Solution: Ducky Promenade

Trig & Calculus

Preparing for the Test - August 18

booksCan you solve this brain teaser about sequences from an old math book?

Latest Solution: Painting the Sine Curve

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