Current Problems of the Week


Color Competition - September 28


Determine the results of a color popularity contest


Eating Contest - September 21

green beansWhich kid won the green bean eating contest?

Latest Solution: Filling Glasses
Preview: Sierpinski Stages

Math Fundamentals

Sports Weigh In - September 21

scale and balls Find the weight of the soccer ball, the tennis ball, and the baseball.

Latest Solution: Chime Time
Preview: A Pound of Tea


All Around the World - September 28


A wire wrapped around the equator of the Earth is lengthened. What happens?

Latest Solution: Finding a Supplement


Downloading Duel - September 28

computer Whose downloading task should take longer?

Latest Solution: Buying Cola

Trig & Calculus

Costly Cable - September 21

cable What is the cheapest way to lay the fiber-optic cable to get to the Cantor's house?

Latest Solution: Goose Bay Mountain
Preview: Count Your Seinneps

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