Current Problems of the Week


Gum for Everyone! - April 13

gum How many pieces of gum will each person get?

Preview: Gym Line


Poolish Pride? - April 20

poolTwo competitive brothers build rectangular pools of similar shape but different size.

Latest Solution: Boxes of Cereal

Math Fundamentals

Salad Daze - April 20

salad How many students in Ashley's class put no tomato, carrot or cucumber on their salads?

Latest Solution: Grampa Joe's Great Grandpets


Kyle's Similar Triangles - April 13

two triangles

Compare the areas of two similar triangles.

Latest Solution: The Perimeter of an Octagon
Preview: Making a Map


Scale Stepping - April 13

Mentor Group at Work

chart paper Using the information on central tendency, find how much each of the five might weigh.

Latest Solution: Mikey and Lily Eat Cereal
Preview: Change Woes

Trig & Calculus

That's A Lot of Rock! - April 20

tunnelA lot of rock would need to be removed from the inside of a mountain to make a tunnel!

Latest Solution: The Indoor Driving Range

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