Current Problems of the Week


Bubblegum - June 13

bubblegumDivide pieces of bubblegum equally among three sisters.

Preview: Counting Cars


Marathon Mitch - June 20

runner Determine Mitch's normal running speed given information about his performance in a race.

Latest Solution: The Joke

Math Fundamentals

A Larger Garden - June 20

seed packets

Compare the areas of two gardens and the amount of fencing needed.

Latest Solution: Campfire Camaraderie


The Perimeter of an Octagon - June 13


What's wrong with this octagon?

Latest Solution: Voulez Vous des Voussoirs?
Preview: Where's Juanita Walking?


Counting Chicken Wings - June 13

bucket of chicken

Figure out how many wings are in the Biggest Bucket O' Wings.

Latest Solution: Lemonade Fun
Preview: Train Travel

Trig & Calculus

Shipping Packages - June 20

box Find the maximum volume of a box based on the given information.

Latest Solution: Let's Measure the Earth

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