Current Problems of the Week


A Walk to the Park - October 20

boy walking Find the total number of blocks Tom walked.

Preview: Dog Packs


Splash! - October 27

dunking booth

How many throws did it take each student to sink Mr. Rashanul in the dunking booth at the carnival?

Latest Solution: Baffling Brother

Math Fundamentals

Subway Subtotals - October 27

subwayHow did the people in my subway car pay their fare this morning?

Mentor Group at Work

Latest Solution: Campfire Camaraderie


Tied in Knots - October 20

rope forming a triangle

How many triangles can be made from the knotted rope?

Latest Solution: Eminen
Preview: Cutting Corners


3-D Vision - October 20


What shape is formed by the segments on the faces of the cube?

Mentor Group at Work

Latest Solution: Integer Images
Preview: Falling Leaves

Trig & Calculus

Can You Prove It? - October 27

suppliesHow do you know that a number is irrational? Can segments with irrational length be constructed using only circles and lines?

Latest Solution: Up, Up, and Away (Part I)

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