Current Problems of the Week


Home On Time - December 15

dogs Figure out if Betsy will be home in time for her favorite cartoon.


To B or Not To B - December 22

letters in a patternDetermine an algebraic rule to predict the nth stage of a pattern.

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Math Fundamentals

How Old is Santa Claus? - December 22

santa Use your knowledge of fractions to discover how old Santa is.

Latest Solution: Anthony's Famous Butter Rolls


TV Dimensions - December 15


Find the dimensions of a television, giving the "size" and the aspect ratio.

Latest Solution: Assessing Seismic Risk


Radical Darts - December 15

dart board How did Andruw get his total score playing Radical Darts?

Latest Solution: Riz's Route

Trig & Calculus

A Rhyming Riddle - December 22

calculatorCosine, secant, tangent, pi. / Can you find the x and y?

Latest Solution: Skiing in Vermont

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