Current Problems of the Week


At the Grocery Store - November 23

grocery bag of food What combinations of fruit could Katie buy so that she has the same amount of fruit as Jackson?


A Championship Season - November 16

How many games did the Algenauts baseball team win this year?

Latest Solution: Voter Turnout
Preview: How Many Ties?

Math Fundamentals

Trapezoid Teatime - November 16


Find out how many guests can sit at a row of trapezoid tables at the school volunteers' tea.

Latest Solution: Subway Tokens
Preview: Zoo Train


Lotsa Popcorn! - November 23


Can the World's Largest Popcorn Ball really be 50,000 times bigger than a normal one? Wow!

Latest Solution: Analyzing Angles


A Cranberry Craving - November 23


Use the pattern to find out how many cranberries Carissa ate on Thanksgiving Thursday.

Latest Solution: Peeling Potatoes

Trig & Calculus

Let's Measure the Earth - November 16

camel shadowHow did ancient mathematicians measure the radius of the Earth (without getting boiled in hot lava)?

Latest Solution: Environmentally Friendly
Preview: Count to Ten?

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