Current Problems of the Week


Fourth of July - July 11

fireworks How many hot dogs and hot dog buns does Mom need to buy?

Preview: Goldfish Galore


Hiking Mount Hood - July 18

Choose the graph that best represents a mountain hike.

Latest Solution: The Length of Larry's Rectangle

Math Fundamentals

Grampa Joe's Great Grandpets - July 18

fish Help Grampa Joe figure out which grandpet belongs to each grandchild.

Latest Solution: Pizza Dough


Square in a Right Triangle - July 11

square in right triangle

Find the area of the square inscribed in a particular right triangle.

Latest Solution: Where's Juanita Walking?
Preview: So Many Similar Triangles!


Anh's Code - July 11


Help crack the code that Anh's group made.

Latest Solution: Train Travel
Preview: Ducky Promenade

Trig & Calculus

Another Problematic Pizza - July 18

pizza pie

Can you find the area of this uniquely sliced piece of pizza?

Latest Solution: A Problematic Pizza

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