Current Problems of the Week


Saving Up - May 16

money sack How much money did Jackie save after three weeks of babysitting?


Factor Bingo - May 23

Determine a polynomial that will let you win a game of Factor Bingo.

Latest Solution: Field Trip

Math Fundamentals

Can You Drink That Swimming Pool? - May 23

swimming pool About how long would it take to drink all of that water?

Latest Solution: Birds in Trees


Why Does This Construction Work? - May 16

compassExplain why Desmond's construction works.

Latest Solution: As Far as the Eye Can See


Suli's Sense - May 16

thermometer Explain if Suli's result was a coincidence.

Latest Solution: Divisible by a Dozen

Trig & Calculus

Your Interview Question Is... - May 23

Help the Can-Can Company design an efficient can.

Latest Solution: Around the Corner

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