Current Problems of the Week


Soccer Madness - August 22

soccer player Who scored the most goals?


Eduardo's Equation Challenge - August 29

Find all the ordered pairs that work in Eduardo's equations.

Latest Solution: Count Your Change

Math Fundamentals

Mini-Mall Measurements - August 29

storeFind the area and dimensions of other stores in the mini-mall.

Latest Solution: Cat Walk


Divided Rectangle - August 22

four rectangles A rectangle is divided into four smaller rectangles. Given the area of the three of the rectangles, find the area of the fourth.

Latest Solution: Is the Fair Fair?


Baking Blackberries - August 22

blackberriesWhich rectangular baking dish should I use?

Latest Solution: 3-D Vision

Trig & Calculus

Simple Signals - August 29


How far has Joey traveled in "Perpendicular City?"

Latest Solution: Time to Make the Doughnuts

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