Current Problems of the Week


Snow Globes - February 13

magic more machine How many snow globes will Angie have on her fifth shelf?


What Time Is It? - February 6

Find angles between the hands of a clock during a one-hour period.

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Math Fundamentals

The Big Balloon Blowup - February 6

balloonsDetermine the number of balloons in each bag.

Latest Solution: Counting Cats and Dogs
Preview: Jumping Rope


Is the Fair Fair? - February 13

Figure out the probability of winning at this popular midway game.

Latest Solution: Snail's Trail


Valentine's Day Candy - February 13

ValentineHow many individually boxed candies did Eddie buy?

Latest Solution: Heavy Hoisting

Trig & Calculus

How Large Is The Yard? - February 6

surveyor Find the area of my parents' quadrilateral-shaped backyard.

Latest Solution: Be My Valentine
Preview: Coordinateville

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