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These are specific directions for Mrs. Alejandre's mathematics students at Frisbie Middle School. Students were given a lesson on making graphs using a Claris Works spreadsheet file. They are to apply what they learned in that lesson as they work on a Team Project involving a survey, data collection and data display.

Choose Appropriate Graphic

  1. You will need to find a small graphic to use in your pictogram. Look for something that matches your data theme. There are various resources available including:

    If you choose to download icon files or use icons that you already have on your desktop, go to How To Change Icons to Picts. If you choose to copy graphics from the web, go to How To Use Web Graphics.

  2. Once you have chosen a graphic appropriate for your data, consider the size. If it is necessary to make it smaller, open a new paint file in Claris Works, paste the graphic. Go to Transform and select Scale by Percent.

  3. Type in the appropriate percentage. Adjust if necessary until the graphic is quite small.
  4. Copy the graphic to the clipboard.

Enter Data

  1. Open a new Claris Works spreadsheet file. In Column A type in labels for your data. In Column B type in the data.

Make Pictogram

  1. Select all of your entries in Column A and B.

  2. Go to Options, select Make Chart.
  3. A window will appear with the different types of graphs.

  4. Select Pictogram and consider the different options at the bottom of the window.
  5. Try checking 3-dimensional. It adds a nice effect.
  6. Go to Series, check Repeating.

  7. Your graphic should still be available for pasting from the clipboard.
  8. Click one time on the arrow (default graphic) and paste.
  9. You will see your new graphic now in place.

  10. Now you are ready to make your graph. Select OK.

  11. You can adjust the font, size, color and style of the title if you click one time on it so that it is selected and then go to the menu bar font selections. If you click on the small square so that it is selected you can adjust the color of the bars using the paint colors in the toolbox.

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