Sea World Tessellations, page 3

Big Yellow

Big Yellow is tight
and he bites
if you try to capture him
black is right by his side
and he's coming to
attack your legs.

by Michael Harris and Ronald Bingham



by Avinesh Prasad and Francisco Ferrusca

The New Age Seaman

It is the year 2130.
A new seaman is created.
Somehow an egg gets formed.
When it hatches
The seaman is born.
He lives in the sea
Where he shall be free.
He likes to eat and
He has no feet.

by Ismael Sanchez and Yoney Castellanos

One Day At the Bay

This is a fish of the rarest kind
that no one else can ever find
the fish that I can only see
because no one else can see like me
but I'm not the only one
who sees him swimming across the bay
but he almost got caught
when I went deep sea fishing one day.
He got away and to the bottom he sank
and that was the last time
I went fishing at the bay.
Now he's gone, I want him back
so I dove in the water
and didn't know how to get back
I sank down to the bottom of the leaky bank
I don't know what happened
I guess he helped,
he pulled me up and
I never forgot about that day.
I went fishing again
I caught him once more
my dad said put him in the bucket
but I said no and let him go.

by Jevon Grinner

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