Thoughts on
How To Make a Bar Graph

November, 1998

Suzanne Alejandre's mathematics students explain the procedures they followed to make a bar graph. Here is a sample of their responses.

Brandy H.:

First, you put in your disk and once you see it on the screen or monitor, you click on it with the mouse. Then, when a window shows up, you choose any Claris Works icon and click on it. Next, you go to file and new and let go. Once you see a window, go to Spreadsheet. Press RETURN.

So then you'ss see the spreadsheet file. Once you've put in the cells the information that you need, you drag in all cells to highlight them. Then you go to Options and Make Graph. Choose Bar Graph and then go to Labels and type the info that you need. If you want, go to Format and choose a font or text color. You can also go to View and Show Tools to choose a color for the graph.

Martise S.:

A bar graph is a way to compare amounts of things. Graphing is used everywhere like for stock. We use bar graphing at school and at home and on computers, too. Bar graphing is important to know. It is very easy and fun. What it does is put it in an order of height. It can go from biggest to smallest.

Rimantas B.:

First, after you put in the disk, open a Claris Works file. It doesn't matter which one. Then, after it boots up or loads, click on spreadsheet and click ok.

In cells A-1, A-2 and A-3, write down the names. In cells B-1, B-2, and B-3 write down the numbers. From cell A-1 to cell B-3, click and drag so that all the writing is highlighted. Finally, go to options and let go on make chart. Pick a chart and click on ok.

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