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An engaging sports-related problem to work with statistics as related to the algebraic Standards.

by Alfred Thornton

Table of Contents

CA Mathematics Standards Alignment
  • 6th grade
        Algebra and Functions 2.0
        Mathematical Reasoning 1.0
  • 7th grade
        Algebra and Functions 1.5
        Statistics, Probability and Data Analysis 1.0
        Mathematical Reasoning 1.0
  • 8th grade
        Algebra I 17.0, 18.0, 25.0

After looking up specific statistical data, students represent quantitative relationships graphically and interpret the meaning of a specific part of a graph in terms of the situation represented by the graph. Students collect, organize, and represent data sets that have one variable and identify relationships within a data set by hand and through the use of an electronic spreadsheet software program.


  1. 2 computers with Claris Works software
  2. 1 printer networked to the computers
  3. 2 calculators
  4. 4 pencils
  5. 7 NBA Rebound Statistic Sheets (from
  6. 1 question sheet per group


  1. The Materials Manager distributes a calculator, pencil, and question sheet to each person in the group.
  2. The Reader reads these directions out loud to the group.
  3. Using a calculator and the NBA player profile sheets found in a folder on the table, find the combined average of the top five NBA rebound leaders for each of the following years: 1994,1995, 1996, 1997, and 1998.
  4. For Instance: In 1994 Average
    Shaquille O'Neal ---> 11.4
    David Robinson ---> 10.8
    Karl Malone ---> 10.6
    Hakeem Olajuwon ---> 10.8
    Alonzo Mourning ---> + 9.9
      53.5 / 5 = 10.7
    Their combined average can be calculated by adding the 5 averages for 1994, and then divide the sum by 5.
  5. Now input the combined averages into the computer.
  6. Start by pushing the space bar in order to wake up the computer.
  7. Next, click on the Claris Works Icon in the middle of the screen. Then click on spread sheets in the menu.
  8. Enter the following information in cells 'A' and 'B.'
    For instance:

  9. Now, highlight all of the information in the two cells by clicking the mouse in cell 'A' and drag the mouse until all the years and averages are highlighted.

  10. Locate the word OPTIONS in your menu and select Make a Chart. Select LINE GRAPH and click on OK.
  11. You will see a graph. Double click on the graph to go back and set some things.
  12. Go to the word AXES and click on it. At the top of this menu, click on the circle for Y AXIS and fill in just like the screen below:

  13. Now click on the circle for X AXIS and fill in just like the screen below:

  14. Then click O.K.

    GOOD JOB! Hopefully your graph is similar to the one below. Now that your Top 5 NBA Rebounder Graph is complete, let's answer some questions on your question sheet.


In this center you will complete 1 worksheet as a group.


  1. Make sure that all materials are back in the basket.
  2. Make sure that you have quit out of the Claris Works program and the screen on your computer has the Claris Works icon on it so that the next group is ready to go when they arrive.

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