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Not all of the software that has been integrated into the different activities can be found on the Web. Since these programs are either public domain or shareware, we make them available here.


Downloading software on the Internet usually requires an application to decode/decompress the archived file you are retrieving. This is standard and often it is set up without you even knowing it. Stuffit Expander is the standard program on the Macintosh helping with this process.

For information about downloading in general and getting a copy of StuffIt Expander you can consult the Forum's page about Math Forum Internet Software.

Activity 3: Sands along the Nile

Sands along the Nile requires a collection of linked educational stacks that examine the history, culture, religion, and literature of ancient Egypt.

Activity 4: Anybody Know the Time?

The World Stack (download version 1.1GB91) was originally written by Henk Hodiamont, Postbus 1114, 5900 BC Venlo, The Netherlands. He writes, "This stack is FREE to give away in its original form with all original messages. It may not be sold commercially." The stack works on a low-end Macintosh, which is nice if you have limited equipment.

If you do not have the program HyperCard, you can open the World Stack if you download HyperCard Player from Tucows

Activity 5: Towers of Hanoi

Both Towers of Hanoi programs for the Macintosh were written by Jim Moore but there is no information within either program for where funds should be sent, so if anyone knows the Jim Moore who created these programs, please let us know how to thank him! They really add to the activities.

Activity 6: Chinese Tangram Puzzles

If you can not use the suggested commercial software specific to an Apple IIe but do have a Macintosh or Windows computer, Tangram, shareware by S.T. Han, may be substituted for the station.

Activity 9: Using Kali

Kali (Jeff Weeks versions based on Kali for Unix by Nina Amenta) is an interactive 2D Euclidean symmetry pattern editor. Versions are available for Macintosh and Windows systems.

Activity 10: Mayan Math

The Mayan Math HyperStudio stack was created by Randy Kellmer, a former Frisbie Middle School math teacher and now the librarian. He has graciously allowed us to distribute his work and you can download it here.

If you do not have the program HyperStudio, you can open the Mayan Math Stack after downloading HyperStudio Player Sunburst Technology

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