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Activity 8

Sonya's Symmetry

Using a manipulative to see and draw reflections.

by Miriam García

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  1. Four 'MIRA' mirrors
  2. Four pencils with erasers
  3. Worksheet, page 1
  4. Worksheet, page 2 [if possible, print on the back of page 1]


  1. The Materials Manager gets the pencils, 'MIRA' mirrors, and 4 Worksheets out of the basket.
  2. The Reader reads the directions aloud.
  3. Group members work on individual worksheets but remember to help each other as they complete the task.


One completed Worksheet per student showing the student's answers about reflections and their drawings of reflected figures.
The Scribe checks off the station on the recording sheet.


  1. Put the 'MIRA' mirrors, and pencils in the basket.
  2. Place the Worksheets in the group folder.

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