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Activity 6

Chinese Tangram Puzzles

Students solve puzzles using rotation, reflection and translation
to fit all the pieces together.

by Dana Tunison

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  1. 4 sets of tangrams (7 pieces per set)
  2. 4 packs of Tangram Puzzle Sheets
  3. 2 Apple IIe computers + monitors + cables
  4. 2 Tangram Puzzler* disks (please leave in the computer drive)

    *This commercial software is specific to an Apple IIe. Tangram, shareware by S.T. Han, could be substituted if Macintosh computers are available for the station.


  1. Divide your group of 4 into two groups of 2 each.
  2. The Materials Manager distributes materials to both groups.

    The following directions are for each group of 2:

  3. Find a picture in the tangram packet.
  4. Fill in with the 7 tangram pieces.
  5. Check your solution on the computer:
  6. Use the "I" and "M" keys to find the name of your picture.
    Once you find it, press "RETURN."
    When the picture appears on the screen, press "S" for solve and "Y" for yes.
  7. After checking one solution, press "ESC" and then "Y" to return to the menu.
  8. Find another picture in the packet and repeat the process.
  9. Complete the questions on the 'Traced Tangram Solution Sheet'.


Your product is a completed 'Traced Tangram Solution Sheet'.
The Scribe checks off the station on the recording sheet.


  1. Put the tangram pieces in the bags.
  2. Set the tangram bags neatly on top of the puzzle sheets.
  3. Leave the computer on but return to the MENU.

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