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Arabic Mathematics

Arabic mathematics:
forgotten brilliance?

Arabic Numbers

Arabic Numerals

Arabic Numerals

Arabic Numeral System



Babylonian Mathematics

Babylonian Numbers

Babylonian Number System

Wikipedia: Babylonian Number System


The Abacus

Abacus in Various Number Systems

The Chinese Calendar

Chinese Numbers

Mathematics in China


Ancient India - Mathematics      

History Topics: Index of Ancient Indian mathematics      

Indian mathematics      

Parallel Developments in Philosophy and Mathematics in India

Indian Mathematics: Redressing the balance

Science and technology in ancient India

The Kerala School, European Mathematics and Navigation



Egyptian Mathematics

Egyptian Mathematics - Mark Millmore

Egyptian Numerals

Egyptology Resources


Ancient Greek Number Codes

Mathematics in Ancient Greece

Greek Mathematics

Greek Numbers and Arithmetic

Greek Number Systems


Mayan Arithmetic by Steven Fought

Maya Civilization

Mayan Mathematics

Mayan Numbers

Mayan Number System


Dr. Math FAQ on Roman Numerals      

Evolution of Arabic Numerals from India      

Wikipedia: Roman Numerals

Roman Numeral Date Conversion Table

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