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aligned to the NCTM Standards - Grades 6-8
Curriculum and Standards

From December of 1987 through the end of June 2000, Suzanne Alejandre taught mathematics, computers and journalism at Frisbie Middle School in Rialto, California. For the last three years of her teaching career at Frisbie, she attempted to organize the 7th grade curriculum so that it offered:
  1. complete alignment to the seventh grade California Mathematics Standards
  2. use of a combination of manipulatives, technology, and paper/pencil activities
  3. use of computers and the Internet as tools
  4. lessons of sufficient length to engage students fully
  5. lessons that could be presented using several strategies
7th grade Mathematics
         developed during 1997-98 & 1998-99

Standards-aligned 7th Grade Math
         developed during 1999-2000

Middle School Math Curriculum
         Position Paper: Standards 2000 and Technology Conference

CA Mathematics Standards (6th)
CA Mathematics Standards (7th)
CA Mathematics Standards (8th)
Cooperative Learning

Step-by-step directions for teachers:
The Quiet Game

Step-by-step directions to be used by teachers or individually by students:
Claris Works Tessellation Tutorial
Claris Works Graphing
         Graphing Exponential Functions
         Graphing Linear Functions
         Graphing Polynomial Functions
Cornell Note-taking
HyperCard & Tessellations
HyperStudio & Tessellations
LogoWriter Tessellations
More LogoWriter Tessellations
Tessellating - Straightedge and Compass
Multicultural Math Fairs

During the 1993-1994 school year the mathematics department of Frisbie Middle School initiated a Multicultural Math Fair using Addison Wesley's Multiculturalism in Mathematics, Science and Technology: Readings and Activities [ISBN 0-201-29417-6] as a resource. Each of the nine mathematics teachers decided on one activity and wrote directions for the students to follow. In developing activities attention was given to the genders, cultures, and continents of the mathematicians represented.

For the 1999-2000 school year the Frisbie mathematics department aligned activities to the California Mathematics Standards so that the administration would allow them to continue the tradition of the Math Fair.
1999-2000 version - aligned to California Mathematics Standards
1995-1999 version - English/Spanish activities
Link Pages

Because time is limited during a mathematics classroom period, pages were developed to focus students on the information available on the Internet related to a particular mathematical topic.
Area and Perimeter
ClarisWorks Graphing
Links: Number Systems
Math Interactive Quiz
Mathematicians & Scientists
Mathematicians & Scientists Treasure Hunt
Middle School Algebra
Polyhedra on the Web
Using Dr. Math Archives
Interdisciplinary Lessons

Interdisciplinary lessons written and used by middle school teachers, Suzanne Alejandre, Laurie Dunbar, Rick Hartwell and Craig Sawyer when they taught on the Coyote Team at Frisbie Middle School in Rialto, California.
Survey Project & Book Reports
Dragonwings Project
Science Fair Project
Disabilities/Probability Project
Sea World Project
Wild Animal Park Project 1997-98
Student Led Conferences
ESCOT Teacher Support

A Teacher Support page has been written to go with each of the ESCOT Problems, a research project developing problem solving. Student versions of each problem are available to use with students so that the solutions are not visible. A NCTM Standards-aligned index is also available.
Fish Farm, Part I - written by Hollylynne Drier
Fish Farm, Part II - written by Hollylynne Drier
Galactic Exchange
Graph Zooming
The Hispaniola Water Shortage
In the Dark with an Elephant
Marathon Graphing
Pythagoras' Mystery Tablet - written by Hollylynne Drier
Scale 'n Pop - written by Hollylynne Drier
Search and Rescue, Part I
Search and Rescue, Part II

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