The names below are possible candidates for research for the second quarter interdisciplinary project for Team 8-1. Select one from the specific list or look at the general list and find one of your own. Read about the person and note:
  1. full name
  2. date of birth
  3. place of birth
  4. where educated
  5. contribution(s) to mathematics and/or science
  6. date of death
  7. how studying this person has benefited your life

Specific List

Agnesi, Maria
al'Khwarizmi, Abu Ja'far Muhammad ibn Musa
Banneker, Benjamin
Bolyai, Janos
Carver, George Washington
Cavalieri, Bonaventura
Drew, Charles Richard
du Chatelet, Gabrielle Emilie
Germain, Sophie
Granville, Evelyn Boyd
Hopper, Grace
Hypatia again
Just, Ernest
Khayyam, Omar
Kovalevsky, Sonya
Kowa, Seki
Latimer, Lewis Howard
Lovelace, Ada Byron
Lovelace, Ada Byron again
Morgan, Garrett
Noether, Emmy
Nunez, Pedro
Raman, Chandrasekhra Venkata
Ramanujan, Srinivasa
Russell, Bertrand
Shih-Chieh, Chu
Somerville, Mary Fairfax
Taniyama, Yutaka
Turing, Alan
Woods, Granville T.
Young, Grace Chisholm

General List

4000 Years of Women in Science - Time Ordered List
African Americans in the Sciences
Alphabetical Index of Women Mathematicians
Biographies of African-Americans from Maryland
Female Index of Biographies
History of Mathematics Timeline - Babylonia
History of Mathematics Timeline - China
History of Mathematics Timeline - Egypt
History of Mathematics Timeline - Europe
History of Mathematics Timeline - Greece
History of Mathematics Timeline - India
History of Mathematics Timeline - Japan
Indexes of Biographies
WWVVL History of Science, Technology and Medicine

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