Thanks to all of you for digging in and doing some math with me (and with your partners!). Conversations with a number of you after, and attempting to read through the #descon17 tweets during the talk, tell me that many of you walked away thinking about at least one pretty profound thing. Awesome!

As promised, here are PDFs of the slides and the handout, plus links to the technology. Yes, I’m even including a link to the third app that we didn’t get to that goes with the last page of the handout. If you want to know more, let me know and I’ll tell you more. (I’ll make you curious by saying that it’s a vending machine on an alien planet.)

Look! A bonus section! I’ve got two different flavors of quadrilateral versions of the triangles sketch. One has three quadrilaterals and the other has four.

Thanks again, everyone. Keep me posted if you used any of this.