Hey, I’m Max. I work and blog at the Math Forum at Drexel University. My title is “Professional Collaboration Facilitator.” So what do I actually do?

  • I visit schools and teachers, observe, coach, co-teach and model lessons, mostly about teaching problem-solving skills, and teaching content through problem-solving.
  • I write Math Forum Problem of the Week support materials, which means getting to solve lots of interesting math problems lots of different ways, and writing activities, questions, and resources to help teachers and students who are working on the problems.
  • I teach online courses on topics like differentiating instruction through solving rich problems, and moving students’ from arithmetic to algebraic thinking.
  • I train college students to be in-person math mentors to local middle school students, and to other college students. I train pre-service teachers to be online math mentors to students solving Math Forum Problems of the Week.

I like thinking about how people learn to problem solve, about how to teach through problem-solving and the focus of learning to learn, and I like math.