Dan Meyer’s “What Can You Do With This?” idea for creating and presenting multimedia math scenarios for kids to explore has got me totally intrigued. I’ve shared his videos with so many people…

And, I’ve been looking for some kind of hand’s-on, building things project for a while now. I haven’t built enough stuff and played with enough tools and toys since leaving the classroom to work online.

And then Dan blogged the following, “I don’t trust myself to be an effective inquiry-based teacher if I’m not living an inquiry-based life. I don’t trust either of us.

What about your discipline has caught your eye this week? What has prompted you to pull out a notebook or your cameraphone or a video camera?”

I realized it’s been a while. So, I am committing to make a WCYDWT video a month this year. And yikes, I’m already 2 months behind!

Ideas for videos you’d love to see produced? Leave suggestions in the comments, please. My partner is a lovely and talented videographer who knows her way around cameras and editing software, and she’s on board!