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PoW Mentoring Tips

Now that every teacher member of the PoWs can give online access to a full class of students, many teachers are wondering, “How do I make the most of doing PoWs online?”

Giving online feedback to dozens or even hundreds of students every two weeks is a daunting idea. In this column we’ll share some tips and tricks that we and other PoW teachers use to manage the workload.

The first tip to share is Noticing and Wondering:

Noticing and Wondering

When we are mentoring many students, we often don’t use the rubric or focus on helping them get practitioner in all the categories.

Instead, we look for one specific thing we value in their work. And say something like, “I notice you… Good job!”

We look for one thing we’d like to hear more of their thinking about. We say, “I wonder….” Sometimes it’s “When you said… I wonder what you meant?” and other times it’s “I wonder what would happen if…” or “I wonder if there’s another way…”

Each student hears one positive thing and has one thing to think more about, and it’s not too time consuming for the teacher.

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