True confession — I had an Original iPad for over a year and while I thought it was cool, I really didn’t use it as much as I had thought I would. When the iPad2 came out I coveted it thinking that I would love the video capability … but … when I finally thought that I might buy one, there was rumor of a new model and I was patient. At the end of July, I made my purchase. And now I’ve been thinking about

  • the one iPad classroom
  • best uses of my iPad as compared to my computer
  • best uses of my iPad as compared to my iPhone

Second true confession — I’ve heard and read about folks who use readers and this and that to keep track of things and I know that @maxmathforum and others will think … good grief, Suzanne … but I’ve just not been at a point where it seemed like I needed to use anything. I wasn’t ready. I continued using my old ways of organizing myself to try to get in tune with some of the new ways that I was trying to learn about. (Yes, my mind makes an analogy immediately to the classroom. Kids who still count on their fingers. Kids who still use tables. I’ve been counting on my fingers but my “teachers” have been patient with me and believed that I would take another step.)

Why am I confessing, you might wonder? This morning I decided it’s finally time for me to get something to organize the blogs I’ve now found myself gravitating to and instead of just having extra tabs open all the time on my browser or depending on a tweet to remind me of a new post I might want to read, I downloaded Pulse. As soon as I started interacting with that app on my iPad, I knew I had made a good choice. It just seemed so intuitive to me. Here are a few things I did as I set things up:

I made two “pages” – the first one is news, sports news, and general things like that. The second page has blogs that I’m starting to follow. As I get into using this, I may add more pages but, for my purposes at the moment, this is enough. I’ve connected it to Twitter and that feature I find very cool:

(left) The tweets of folks I follow that have included a link to a URL in a recent tweet are included in my scrolling list.
(right) If I click on one of those blocks in the scrolling list, the URL opens to the right.

Often I found myself roaming through tweets thinking that I’ll look at the URLs when I have more time. This way, they’re all gathered in one place. And, if I want to save anything on any of this, I just click the “star” icon in the lower left corner.

My husband brought my morning latte upstairs as I was setting up Pulse on my iPad. I showed him and his reaction told me that this was worth sharing on my blog! As he went downstairs, I heard him say to our son, “Lee, go up and see what your mother found!” We all have third generation iPads and we each use them for different purposes.

With my true confessions this morning I’m hoping it helps some folks who are new to using an iPad, find a way to make things more manageable without getting overwhelmed. As I mentioned in An iPad in Class, Part 1, “easy” is key to making sure that you REALLY use it!