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 Judith Koenig       [Project Reflections]
Judith Koenig teaches grade 8 in Boulder, Colorado. After many years teaching grade 7, she has moved ahead with her students. She says it is very interesting to teach the same students for two years, especially since she uses The Connected Mathematics Project and gets to see student progress and retention.

Judy has almost 20 years experience, starting at the elementary level and moving to middle school in the mid 1980's. Before moving to Boulder in 1991, she taught for many years in Los Angeles. She has always taught in public schools. Students in the middle school where she teaches are mostly Caucasian, due to the fact that Boulder does not have a very diverse population. Classes have between 25 to 30 students and her entire school uses the same math program. This contributes to collegiality among peers and good administrative support for Connected Mathematics.

The 8th grade classes have a choice of Regular, Honors, or Algebra I Honors. Both the Regular and Honors classes use Connected Mathematics but with different emphases and requirements. The Algebra class uses a more traditional text. Connected Mathematics is one of the NSF-funded programs designed to encourage reform in the middle grades. Students excel in this program and demonstrate a good understanding of concepts. The graphing calculator is incorporated in all classes, as are appropriate computer programs.

Judith received the 1996 Presidential Award from Colorado for Secondary Mathematics and the Impact on Learning Award from the Boulder Valley School District. She supports the NCTM Standards and has been active in implementing them with teachers and students in Colorado.


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