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 Art Mabbott       [Project Reflections]
Art Mabbott has been teaching kids mathematics at the secondary level for most of his nearly 30 years in the profession. While he has spent a great deal of his time working with high school aged students in both public and private schools, Art has made a couple of forays to work with younger and older students. During the last two years, he taught "severely gifted" elementary and middle school students in the Bellevue, Washington, Prism Program, in which younger students explore high school mathematics. He has also taught at the university level while completing his master's degree. However, Art finds that he always migrates back to the 9-12th grade classes.

Art is currently teaching Geometry and Integrated Algebra/Geometry at Sammamish High School in Bellevue, Washington. His great love is geometry and he is working very hard to make certain that as the transition is made to an integrated curriculum, geometry is not forced into the role of the poor step-child to algebra.

Art continues to explore new topics in mathematics at the University of Washington and is always looking for ways to bring them back into his classroom. He is a lead instructor at the summer Northwest Mathematics Interactions at the University of Washington, teaching teachers how to incorporate more hands-on experiences as part of real mathematics. NWMI is the northwest outreach of the Park City Mathematics Institute where Art assists in the classroom and the computer lab. Art also presents at local and national mathematics conferences.

School type Public high school
Student population Diverse -- mostly white with a large percentage of Latino (a lot are ESL) and African American and SouthEast Asian (VN, Thai, and Chinese - both from mainland and Taiwan also ESL). I have about six students who speak another language other than English at home.
Grade level Mostly 10th and 11th graders
Subjects Geometry (video) and Integrated Algebra/Geometry
Student ability range I have a small number of mathematically talented students. But most of my kids are in the middle to lower range of mathematical ability. I have two students who are identified as "special needs" who get support (a study/learning skills class) from the building.
Class sizes There are 24 kids in the class that was video taped.
Administrative support The district has been very supportive in this project and "in stretching the envelope" in math curriculum. The superintendent and the math curriculum developer are encouraging us to be on the front line of the reform movement. The building has a more traditional outlook, and is having a harder time implementing and supporting the reform movement.
Curricular reforms We have just moved to a 90-minute block period meeting daily and we now complete a year's work in 90 days of class. As a district, we are changing to an integrated mathematics curriculum using the Core Plus Mathematics Project.
Technology used in class I have access to the web in my classroom, in a Mac lab, and at home. I encourage my students to do the geometry Problem of the Week from the Math Forum. We use my computers and graphing calculators as tools whenever necessary and appropriate - usually daily.
No. years teaching experience Almost 30 years
Professional goals Always looking for ways to bring new topics in mathematics back into my classroom.


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