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 John McKinstry      [Project Reflections]
School type a Quaker middle school
Student population mostly white; upper, upper-middle and middle class
Grade level 7th and 8th
Subjects 7th and 8th grade math
Student ability range The range of student abilities in the school is fairly narrow, since all are fairly strong, and in my class the range is even narrower, with their abilities very strong.
Class sizes My class size is 9 in my 7th grade class, and 12 in my 8th grade class.
Administrative support My principal (i.e. the head of the middle school) is outstanding and incredibly supportive, as is the Head of the School.
Curricular reforms We are presently re-examining the entire curriculum (all subject areas) to see how to make our approach more comprehensive (id est so that subjects can tie into each other) so that our curriculum is more experiential and more service oriented. We are just beginning this process.
Technology used in class The technology I use in my classroom includes the Geometer's sketchpad, plus the Math Forum's Middle School Problem of the Week. I also encourage my class to use Ask Dr. Math.
No. years teaching experience 7 (1 year at 1st grade, 2 years at 4th grade, 2 years at 5th grade, and 2 years teaching 7th and 8th.)
Internet experience My class's internet experience is use of the MF POW.


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