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 Roya Salehi      [Project Reflections]

Before Roya Salehi joined the Math Forum team in 1998, she taught mathematics to middle and high school students for five years at Muslim Community School, a K-10 private school in Potomac, Maryland. She facilitated communication between the administration and the upper grades' teachers; she also served as the math and computer curriculum advisor and resource person for the school. Before MCS, she taught computer classes at the Islamic School of Seattle, a private elementary school in Seattle, Washington, for three years.

Prior to her professional career as a teacher, Roya worked at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, doing research on molecular models using computer simulation. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of California at Berkeley in pure mathematics, minoring in computer science.

Roya is interested in identifying effective ways of implementing on-line teacher professional development and the generative facilitation of this process. She is also interested in the use of the Internet in the classroom to enhance student mathematical thinking. She is pursuing her interests in math education and artificial intelligence, particularly machine learning, at George Mason University.

Currently, Roya is leading the Bridging Research and Practice (BRAP) project and Teacher2Teacher at the Math Forum.


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