Student1: 69...
Student2: Point 75?
Student1: Point 7... Yeah. Sure.
Teacher: Do we have a little picture blooming here?
Student2: What?
Teacher: I said do we have a little picture blooming here?
Student2: We have a lot of numbers blooming here.
Teacher: Have you thought about those numbers?
Student2: Not exactly.
Student3: No, they don't...
Student1: The one with the most volume is that one.
Student3: The radius, is this number by my hand.
Student1: That one's the biggest.
Student2: The larger the width...
Student1: And the widest.
Student2: The greater the height... The greater the width, no.
Student1: No, the less the height and greater the width of the rectangle.
Student2: So the greater the circumference, the greater the... ?
Student1: Yeah. So you have to... it's the widest circle we have.
Student2: The biggest radius equals the greatest volume.
Student1: No, the biggest circle you have on your cylinder.
Student2: Yeah, that would be the biggest radius.
Teacher: Is she saying something different from what you said?
Student2: No, not really.
Student1: It's the same thing.
Student1: So the biggest area -- the greatest area of the base. Alright?
Student4: So the biggest circle.
Student1: Yeah, the biggest circle.
Teacher: Cool, answer your questions and turn it over.
Student1: Okay.