Teacher: ll right, let's make it into a cylinder. Magic... cylinder.
Teacher: What part of that sheet of paper is what on the cylinder?
Teacher: Okay, that's your first job. You know how big a sheet of paper is.
Teacher: How big is it?
Student: 8 and-a-half by 11...
Teacher: 8 and-a-half by 11. So, once it's a cylinder, what is this?
Student: The height.
Teacher: It's the height. Do you know how big it is?
Student: 8 and-a-half inches.
Teacher: And what is this part?
Student: The circumference.
Teacher: Circumference.
Teacher: So, if that's the circumference, then how big is it?
Student: 11 inches.
Teacher: Okay now... where's r? That's another thing that I need for you to think about.
Teacher: Do you know the formulas for circumference and volume?
Teacher: I've written them down, so it's okay.
Teacher: Go for it.
Teacher: Go for it.