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 Stephen Weimar      [Project Reflections]

Steve was brought on board in 1993 by Gene Klotz, Principal Investigator of what was then the Geometry Forum, to help figure out how to make the Internet useful for mathematics teachers and students. He worked with Annie Fetter and others to bring together a group of leading Internet-savvy educators for a summer institute to design promising projects. This led to many of the Math Forum services available today. Steve has been involved ever since and in 1996 he joined Gene as Co-Director of the Math Forum. Currently he straddles his jobs as President of mathforum.org, through which he attempts to give the Math Forum a life after NSF funding, and director of project development and research.

Steve began his professional work in the high school and middle school math classroom, from which he migrated in 1983 to join a group of educators establishing Educators for Social Responsibility, a national organization, known best for its work in conflict resolution. He then supervised student teachers for Swarthmore College and served as a consultant to schools, supporting professional development programs. At Swarthmore College, he coordinated a variety of mathematics and technology programs including the Kids Network Teacher Education Pilot Project at Swarthmore College and Diverse Perspectives in Education, a telecommunication simulation on issues of diversity in the classroom, linking student teachers at Swarthmore College and the University of Michigan.

Steve is committed to finding ways for the Internet to support learning environments for teachers that enable us to learn by doing, just as we seek to do with our students -- practicing our strategies, exploring math problems, and building a trusted community together.

Steve is an author along with Ann Renninger and Gene Klotz of "Teachers And Students Investigating And Communicating About Geometry: The Math Forum," a chapter in Designing Learning Environments for Developing Understanding of Geometry and Space, Richard Lehrer and Daniel Chazan, editors, Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1998.


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