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Class2Class, the brainchild of Mel Sprouse, is an Internet service where math teachers can come to join in new projects and collaborations, taking advantage of one of the powerful features of the Internet: connecting people and information at a distance.

How can you get involved?

Collaborative Projects: Turn your classroom project into one that others can join. Almost any project you assign your students can be shared with others around the world. Exchange correspondence during the project, compare your results with those of other classes, or simply tell about what you are doing.

Peer Tutoring: Older students in middle and high school can be valuable tutors for younger students. Whole classes can participate, or a student needing extra help can be assigned a peer tutor. You might also submit the e-mail address of a student who is excelling in your class and is interested in tutoring someone in need.

Keypals: Classes can create math problems to exchange with other classes around the country or the world. In turn, your students' keypals can send problems for your class to solve. Your students will be motivated to invent interesting, challenging, and creative word problems.

To find ideas for math collaborations, Mel suggests that you browse existing Internet projects.

General Guidelines:

  1. All e-mail will be exchanged between the teacher who posts the project and other participating teachers (use teachers' e-mail addresses only).
  2. Only the first names and the first initial of the last names of students should be used. No exchange of personal information about students (address or phone number, individual picture, etc.) should occur. Group pictures may be exchanged if students are not identified by name (use the school address and class name only).
  3. Know your district's Internet use policy and follow it. Inform parents of the project and get any required forms signed and returned before the project begins.
  4. To submit student reports or artwork for publication, you will need additional signed authorization.

Other suggestions? Send them to Suzanne Alejandre.

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