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Grade Level: Elementary

Project Title: Math, Social Studies, Language Arts, Science

Project Dates:

Start Date: March 5, 2001
Deadline: March 10, 2001

Project Leader: Natalie Macke

Email Contact:

Project Type:

short term project

Project Description:

This online collaborative project gives elementary students the opportunity to use deductive reasoning skills to find their fellow project participants. This project incorporates math, geography, science, language arts and social studies into fun-filled lessons and activities that will send your students on a journey across the United States.  During their journey, classes provide clues about their home state to help fellow participants find them. At the same time, your students take on the role of detectives as they use clues to find other participating classrooms. All the while, your students are using deductive reasoning skills, calculating fractions and demonstrating map skills, all in pursuit of solving "The Great State Mystery". 

School Name & Address:

Paramus High School 99 E. Century Road Paramus, NJ

Hope to include between 2 and no max students/classes.

Web address for project:

Project Results

Date Submitted: October 9, 2000

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