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Mentors of the MathMentor

The Math Forum @ Drexel is offering the MathMentor , an online mentoring program that is designed to expand the students' career aspirations and help them to develop interest in math, science and technology.

The MathMentor is sponsored by the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation and will include a limited number of 200 high-achieving, low-income students.

The participants of the MathMentor will be part of an online community that will be thinking, learning and doing challenging mathematics. This community will consist of the students and a group of experienced mentors who will support and guide the students as they learn more about math in a fun, and innovative way.

The mentors will also encourage the students to make connections with math applications and math related careers. The mentors will provide the students with opportunities to interact with college students and math professionals.

Who are the mentors of the MathMentor?

One group of mentors will be professionals who are in careers related to math, science and technology. Some mentors will be college students who will connect the students with the college experience. A step-up model of mentoring will also be used where students, after a period of successful enrollment in the program, will be able to take a leadership role and mentor other students.

Is the MathMentor what you are looking for?

  • Are you looking for the opportunity to do something rewarding that will have a positive impact on someone's life?
  • Do you believe that some students are capable of achieving more in their lives but are held back by misconceptions and predetermined paths?
  • Do you think that some students will benefit from interacting with a positive role model who will teach them the skills to dream bigger?
  • Are you a college student or do you have a career in math, science or technology?
  • Would you like to share the excitement of your career with a group of students and help them consider new career paths that they thought to be out of their reach?
  • Do you enjoy doing math and talking about math with other people?

What are examples of what you can do as a mentor of the MathMentor?

As a mentor of the MathMentor you can:

  • Discuss solution strategies of non-routine math problems with a group of students;
  • Support and guide the students as they learn more about math in a fun, and innovative way;
  • Encourage the students to get to learn more about their interests and understand their areas of strengths;
  • Share with the students personal stories or experiences that can benefit them and help them understand the process of choosing a career, preparing for it and advancing in it;
  • Describe your job conditions, and the range of salary the students would expect if they went into a career similar to yours;
  • Share with the students the information regarding the best colleges and universities that offer programs in your field. Also, give them information regarding internships or scholarship opportunities. The mentors can always recruit the help of the Math Forum staff to research these information when not readily available.
  • Encourage the students to start thinking about what type of planning they need to do if they choose to go into a certain career;
  • Plan a virtual field trip for the students to your place of work or your college.

What type of training is provided to the mentors of the program?

  • The mentors will receive online training on how to guide the students as they solve non-routine math problems. The training will focus on acquainting the mentors with the Math Forum's approach, a culture of collaboration that allows the students to explore their thinking in a safe, non-threatening environment that emphasizes the process of understanding and building personal connections to the mathematics.
  • The mentors will also be given support in working with students from different cultures and helping them respond to stereotypes or unnecessary limits to their expectations.
  • The mentors will be in constant contact with the staff of the Math Forum to provide help and support. They will communicate with the other mentors in the program to exchange ideas and share expertise.

When does the MathMentor Program take place?

The MathMentor offers year-long open enrollment. The goal of the program is to build long-term relationships within a community of math learners.

How long are the mentors expected to participate in this program?

The goal of the program is to build long-term relationships within a community of math learners. As a result, we appreciate it if the mentors commit themselves for the whole duration of the program for one to two hours of mentoring per week. The duration of the program is dependant on funding but will be around one to two years.

Is there a monetary compensation for participating in this program?

This is a volunteer program, with minimal funding from the Cooke Foundation to support the students' participation. However, we encourage the mentors to see whether their workplace has a community service program where they can earn credits through volunteering in the MathMentor program. In addition, we will offer the mentors access to some of the Math Forum's fee-based services and other in-kind contributions.

Who are the students eligible to participate in the MathMentor?

  • 9th and 10th grade students
  • High-achieving
  • Low-income
  • With good Internet access

How to apply?

To join the MathMentor as a mentor, apply online:

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