Problem Solving Process
5:00 - 9:00 June 23, 2008

Introductions and Overview - Problem solving and writing to learn math
Let's do math
Counting Chicken Wings [Enhanced Teacher Packet]
Birthday Trip [Expected Solution and Scoring Guide]
Discuss different approaches and strategic insights
Our goals and approach:
  • Build a problem solving strategies repertoire
  • Writing to learn and writing to communicate
  • The point is not to quickly get it over and done but to think, reflect, revise and master
  • Learn to identify what you know and what you don't know
  • Identify the specific pieces holding you up
    1. Separate what makes it challenging (e.g. not good with fractions) from what you have to figure out (understanding the situation - seeing how to approach it)
    2. Change the challenging parts (simpler numbers, etc.) so that you can focus for now on the strategy
    3. Set up practice situations to master what is challenging
Focusing on student thinking:
"I wonder" diagnosis. Asking questions.
Develop a task/intervention that would get you more information and move the student ahead
Problem of the Week (PoW) environment
Supplemental Section structure
Orienting the students
Facilitating a session
Submitting and grading.
Planning sessions: reviewing prior sessions, coordinating with the math course instructors
How do you want to use and communicate with the Math Forum staff?
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Problem of the Week Teacher Documents
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