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    Defining Geometric Figures

         Plane and solid figures, and a note on dimensions.

    Geometric Formulas

         Two- and three-dimensional figures: perimeter, area, volume, etc.

    Analytic Geometry Formulas

         One, two, and three dimensions: points, directions, lines, triangles,
         polygons, conic sections, general quadratic equations, spheres, etc.

         Polar Coordinates
             Coordinates, points, directions, translations, rotations,
             lines, triangles, conic sections.

         Spherical Coordinates
             The three coordinates (rho,theta,phi) of any point.

         Cylindrical Coordinates
             The three coordinates (r,theta,z) of any point.

    Trigonometry Formulas

         Definitions, bounds, identities, triangles, inverse functions, etc.

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