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How can I type exponents? What about square roots? Why shouldn't I ever use tabs? May I send attachments? Etc.

When you send Dr. Math a question, you must work just within the text entry boxes on our submission page. You will need to type any math that appears in your question using only the standard keyboard character set.

We do not currently offer a way for you to submit attachments, e.g., Word or Excel files, graphic images, and so on. If you can arrange to put such a document on a web server somewhere, you can include the URL in your question. However, finding and opening these documents takes time, so your chances of getting the attention of one of our volunteers increase if you can say everything you need to say using only text.

So how do we "type math"? Here are some guidelines:

'the y-th root of x' = 'x to the 1/y-th power'

 On the blackboard:
On your keyboard:

     sqrt(2)/2    or  ------- 
    (pi)r^2  or  pi*r^2  or  (pi)r 
x less than or equal to 0
     x <= 0
x goes to infinity
     x --> infinity  or   x --> infty
((A+X)/2 , (B+Y)/2)
     /  A+X     B+Y  \  
    (  ----- , -----  )  or  ((A+X)/2 , (B+Y)/2) 
     \   2       2   /  
sum_{k=0}^{s-1} {n choose k}
     s-1  n
     Sum ( )  or  sum_{k=0}^{s-1} {n choose k} 
     k=0  k
INT[(4-x^2)dx] from -2 to +2
     INT[(4-x^2)dx] from -2 to +2

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    Typesetting, from Principia Hypertextica - A Mathematics Educator's View of Web Design, by William I. Johnston.

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