Ask Dr. Math: The Math Doctors' Newsletter

by Stacey Bearden

February, 1999

Date: Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 17:25:05 -0500 (EST)
From: Stacey Bearden
To: All Dr. Math Doctors
Subject: Dr. Math in February

Ask Dr. Math Newsletter
February, 1999

Greetings Math Doctors, and welcome to the month of March!  

Our stats for February:
5450 -- incoming questions
1825 -- answered questions
33.5 -- percentage answered

Great job, folks. Those numbers look pretty familiar; I think we're 
keeping up just fine.

News direct from master archivist Sarah Seastone:


105 new answers were added to the Dr. Math archives during February.

     -=-     -=-     -=-

Robert L. "Dr. Rob" Ward has created three more new
analytic geometry formula units:

New Table of Contents

Polar Formulas

Cylindrical Formulas

Spherical Formulas.

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Here's a suggestion for doctors who are including URLs
in their answers. Although it's not essential, we'd like
to encourage you to identify pages for which you're
giving an address - first, because it's a courtesy to the
author of the page, and then because if the URL changes,
citing the author or the site gives the archivists clues
for searching for a new location or a replacement. Examples:

Roman Calendar (James Grout, SPQR: Encyclopaedia Romana)

Calendopaedia - The Roman Calendar (Michael Astbury)

Larry Freeman's Calendar Origins Page

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Many doctors will have noticed that the CRC Encyclopedia
of Mathematics (former Eric's Treasure Trove of Mathematics)
is blocking portions of its site on a rotating basis. We
should probably avoid sending students URLs for that site
without including a short quote (within fair use guidelines
and for educational purposes only) from the relevant page.


On to the THANK YOU notes..



No question here...I just wanted to thank you. Really. From the bottom of 
my heart. I write teacher's editions for K-12 science texts, and got 
called by my publisher yesterday. Seems they'd lost my references for a 
bit about Descartes and spirals. I'm not nearly knowledgeable enough 
about math to have written this bit off the cuff, so I knew it came from 
SOMEWHERE. Off I went to the library on a search for the elusive 
I'll-know-it-when-I-see-it book. No luck. Surely, I thought, one of these 
other 427 books will have SOMETHING about Descartes and spirals. Hah!
So I hit the Net. Thinking, of course, that this would take HOURS. 
Instead, I found what I was looking for right here, right away. Now all I 
have to do is get a cartridge for my damn printer, and I'm golden.


You saved me days by providing the cubic polynomial solution in the net!
Thank you.

for Dr. Pete:

Thank you very much for helping me!  I understand the problem much
better now.  I'm very grateful!

for Dr. Peterson:

Thank you very much for your help with my math problem.  It helped me
tremendously.  THANK YOU!

for Dr. Jaime:

Thank You SO much!  The info you gave me realy helped, thanks.

for Dr. Wilkinson:

Thanks a lot Dr. Wilkinson, that really helped a lot.  Thank you very 

for Dr. Jerry:

Thanks a bunch doc. I will check out those resources you gave me. Your
response is much appreciated.
- John

Dear Dr. Anthony,

Thank you for the quick response to my question and for the great 
example.  I enjoy your web page.
Yours Truly, Annalee Wiswell

for Dr. Micah:

Dear Dr. Math,

Thank you so much for your help!  This is a great service... we 
really appreciate the time you took to answer our physics question.  
Jenny and Diana

for Dr. Nick:

Thank you so much for your time...I am getting back to my project now. 
I am going to show your answer to my teacher so other kids can also 
get help :) :)

for Dr. Gregory:

Thank You!  You've opened my eyes, and assisted me in dusting off the 
cobwebs in my mind!  Thanx again! :)


Thank you for the wonderful information.  I was assigned a project 
about proving the Pythagorean Thereom and your site gave me all the 
info that I needed.  I really appreciate the help and wanted to 
express that.  Thanks again!

for Dr. Schwa:

Thank you so much for all of your help! Hopefully I will be able to
understand them on my own and then I will do well on my test next 

for Dr. Stacey:



That's it for the thank-yous and praises.  I must apologize; I haven't 
yet sent out the thank-you notes to their recipients for February.
Watch your inboxes in the coming week and keep up the great work
for the month of March!

Dr. Stacey
Doctor Math Administrator
The Math Forum