Ask Dr. Math: The Math Doctors' Newsletter

by Stacey Bearden

March, 1999

Date: Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 10:21:40 -0400 (EDT)
From: Stacey Bearden
To: All Dr. Math Doctors
Subject: Dr. Math in March (really!)

Ask Dr. Math Newsletter
March, 1999

Greetings, math doctors!  I hope you liked the April Fools' Day 
newsletter. All those messages were actual notes that came into 
triage. And yes, I meant to be ambiguous with the percentage 
points, for those who asked!  

I'd like to start off this newsletter with a WELCOME to March's 
new math doctors: Drs. Cox, FWG, Karen, and NBrooke.  

Also, congratulations to our docs who became TENURED in March!  
The honors go to Drs. AndrewG, Bonnie, Dennis, Gail, and Maryanthe.

And now the stats for the month:
6305 -- incoming questions
2039 -- answered questions
32.3% -- percent answered

Congratulations everybody! We've kept up our percentages, during 
a month of peak numbers. We have never touched 6000 questions before, 
and here we are, 300 over. Good job keeping up, folks - keep up the 
awesome work for next month!

A new addition to the newsletter is the Tip of the Month; let me know 
if you like it (and let me know if you have a tip for April):

March Tip: If there's a question in triage that seems unclear or that 
you don't understand, don't just leave it; post a memo asking other 
doctors if it seems unclear to them, or write to the student asking 
for clarification.  Students who have trouble asking the question may 
be the ones who need the most help and shouldn't be ignored just because 
of their phrasing.

And the news from master archivist Sarah Seastone:


We have a new Dr. Math FAQ, in which Robert L. "Dr. Rob"
Ward explains the Trachtenberg Speed System, a way of
performing high-speed multiplication, division, addition,
and subtraction, and of finding square roots, all in one's


Several math doctors have been helpful in pointing the
archivists to answers that should be archived immediately
rather than waiting their turn in line. If you write an
answer that fills a gap in the Dr. Math archives, or one
that you'd like to have available to refer to for
subsequent answers, please send an e-mail about it to


Send us the e-mail address of the questioner, the subject
line, and the problem number, and we'll find and archive
your answer ASAP and send you the URL.


More than 75 new entries were added to the archives
during March of 1999.


And now, to keep it short, a few thank you notes to us all:

Hi, I want to thank everyone at Dr. Math for making my Math Life 
somewhat easier to understand! Although it's been many years since 
I've had to deal with Math, it's nice to know there is someone out 
there able to help us! Keep up the good work!

Hi, Can I just tell you what an amazing service you run? Thanks 
A LOT and keep up the good work!

Hello docter! Great site, keep it up!


Well, that's it for March. I hope everyone has a wonderful April, and 
enjoy the beautiful spring days!

Dr. Stacey
Doctor Math Administrator
The Math Forum